Global Cloud Platform Application Acceleration Services

Enjoy global cross-cloud network interconnection
Guarantee high quality of communication at top speed

Global coverage of high-quality acceleration network, serve every cloud platform users by providing hyper-speed VIP tunnel. Solve high-quality assurance issue of communications among nodes in the cloud platform or trans-regional networks, greatly improved the connectedness and transmission rate, help enterprises enable give full play to the functions of cloud platform applications, safely and rapidly expand their business.

Three major issues of cloud platform users
facing with cross-regional cloud applications

Usually the domestic network environment is complicated, combine with policy constraint and other reasons, public network there are still more instability factors, leased line will exist problems of practical work to fall and the overall effect is worrying.

Network Connectivity
Transmission Rate and
Communication Quality
Cost Budgeting

Xelerate Special Advantage

  • Global Distribution by Quality Assurance

    Multiple carriers deploying exits in each of node to make sure the real astoundingly fast quality assurance by dynamic route-selection.

  • Leading technology and Quality Network
    By original decentralized mode to avoid the possibility of failure from single point, greatly increasing the availability and stability of the network.
  • Safe and Reliable with Transparency Management
    Connected all nodes by secure encryption protocol to guarantee the truly transparent and secure of user data.
  • Convenience and efficiency of Simple Deployment
    Users no need to change the existing architecture in cloud platform, can be connected to any cloud host of world by simply configured.

Key Capabilities

Convenient deployment to
accelerate every applications

Support the communication network acceleration and application protection between any two points in the world. Support IP/ domain name resolution connection mode and the mainstream of underlying or application layer protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP(s), RTMP and so on.

Around the clock
visual monitoring

Support the 7x24 hours monitoring for channel and source station condition, by way of comparison before and after the acceleration can alert problems in time then assist users quickly grasp the information and solve the problems.

Self-configuration and personalized
customization service

Support self-configuration for cloud application acceleration services, simple and convenient. Meanwhile it can be customized for special network environment, providing a package of communications network acceleration solution.

Application Scene


At present, the mainstream public cloud providers on the market have a wealth of experience in solving the problems of local communications or domestic communications. However, there is no good solution to the problems when facing with cross-border and cross-cloud communication. Take AWS Beijing test environment as an example, the single-threaded download speed of detected 13 regions of the world is not satisfactory. In addition to the slow speed, also facing the high network connection failure rate problem.


Xelerate global cloud platform application network acceleration solution adopts global intelligent full-mesh network. All nodes have independent computing power, which determine the current optimal route in real time and automatically adjust the next-hop routing. Users can add an additional layer of hyper speed channel with quality assurance on their existing cloud platform network to reduce the distance between any two nodes in the world, greatly improve the download speed and increase connection rate, Combined with the perfect background monitoring system, users can real-time capture our service details. The acceleration and capability can be completely transparent displayed, so that various features in cloud platform can be fully utilized.